What women really want and men’s secret fantasies uncovered

Being blindfolded, video sex, threesomes and even experimenting with hot wax are just some of the things on Brits’ sex bucket lists.

While lockdown has left many people unable to get intimate, it’s given people in relationships time to experiment and try new things between the sheets.

New research by online retailer OnBuy.com shows that men and women’s desires are very different, and their biggest fantasies vary considerable.

For women, being blindfolded is top of the bucket list with 35% of women wanting to try it.

Sex in a hot tub is up next at 31%, followed by sex in a lift at 26% and role play at 24%.

Meanwhile, 36% of men dream of inviting a third person into bed and having a threesome. This is also on the women’s list, however down at 12%.

Second for men is video sex at 30% and sex in a hot tub (26%) or in a public toilet (22%).

There are also a few unexpected additions to the list, including 5% of men who want to experiment with hot wax and 7% of women who want to write porn fan fiction.

What women want

  • Blindfold 35%
  • Sex in a hot tub 31%
  • Sex in an Elevator 26%
  • Roleplay 24%
  • Sexy Photoshoot 20%
  • Bondage 18%
  • Phone Sex 14%
  • Car Sex 12%
  • Bringing in a Third Party 12%
  • Sex on Beach 10%
  • Watching Porn With Partner 9%

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