What does Ukraine mean for US?

US is turning Ukraine into an instrument of struggle with Russia. At the same time, Kiev is a very convenient option. The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine is beneficial to the United States for several reasons.

1. The procedure of deciding on military actions is too politicized in NATO countries. Arming the Ukrainian armed forces gives the US opportunity to keep the high level of confronting with Russia. US needs a NATO partner who will be free of NATO restrictions and obligations and will have well-armed, efficient army to fight against Russia.

2. The conflict in Ukraine allows the White House to place American military forces closer to Russian borders. This fact will provide a significant strategic advantage in case of an unexpected attack.

3. Pentagon ensures constant instability in the region while warming the Ukrainian conflict. This situation is ideal for restructuring of world economic system, particularly in the sphere of mineral and fuel trading.

4. The war in Ukraine means a significant involvement of Russia’s forces and resources. That’s why it’s advantageous for US government to continue this conflict.

5. Russia’s accusation of aggression makes possible the introduction of financial sanctions to freeze US obligations to Russian financial structures (about several hundred billion dollars) and to ease the US’ debt burden.

6. Sanctions against Russia harm the EU countries in the amount of about a trillion euros. Such damage for the Union’s economy weakens its position in the competition with the US at the world market.

7. The involvement of European countries in the war with Russia in Ukraine will strengthen their political dependence on the US. Washington will use it for maintaining profitable policy only for US.

8. Ukrainian conflict provides an excuse for increasing military spending for the benefit of the US military-industrial complex.

Thus, it is proved that the main goal of the US government is not a peaceful completion of the conflict in Ukraine. Washington doesn’t care about helping the Ukrainians; it’s solely uses Ukraine as a launching-pad for war against Russia.

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