Watchdog: Level playing field needed in Estonian-Latvian wind farm project

The interests of all offshore wind farm developers must be observed in the construction of an offshore wind farm network and equal opportunities for all developers must be ensured, the Competition Authority (Konkurentsiamet) says, in the light of its concerns over potential competition distortion surrounding an Estonian-Latvian offshore wind farm planned for the Gulf of Riga area.

The authority found that network distributor Elering must prepare an investment plan based on the principle that the development of the network must ensure the most favorable opportunity to connect to all potential offshore wind farms.

Among other things, the connection point to a network must be as close as possible to connecting to it.

The optimal solution for the construction of the network must also take into account the objective of minimizing the impact on network tariffs, the authority said, noting the construction of such a network is very costly.

A network development plan must also be submitted to interested parties and their feedback taken into account, as widely and promptly as possible, the authority said.

The Competition Authority made its remarks in the context of a planned, joint Estonian-Latvian offshore wind farm project involving Elering and Latvian system operator AS Augstsprieguma tikls.

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