Visitor numbers doubled from June to July

According to data published by the Central Statistical Bureau September 16, in July 2021 the number of foreign and resident visitors in Latvia comprised 256.8 thousand, which is 14.1 % less than in July 2020, but double the number in June.

In accommodation establishments visitors spent 452 thousand nights, which is 17.1 % less, compared to July of the previous year, and again 2.1 times more than in June.

In July 2021 tourist accommodation establishments hosted 172.9 thousand Latvian visitors, which is 29.9 % more than in July 2020 and 32.4 % more than in July 2019 before the pandemic. The number of nights spent by them comprised 288 thousand, and it rose by 22 %, compared to July last year.

Latvian visitors stayed mostly in Riga (10.9 %), Jūrmala (8.5 %), Liepāja (6.9 %), Talsi municipality (6.7 %), Ventspils (5.7 %), Limbaži municipality (5.4 %), Cēsis municipality (5.3 %) and Tukums municipality (4.5 %).

In July 2021 the number of foreign visitors out of all visitors in accommodation establishments comprised only 32.7 % or 83.9 thousand, which is 49.4 % less than in July 2020, but four times more than in June. Compared to July last year, the number of nights spent by them has fallen by 46.9 % and comprised 164 thousand.

The majority of foreign visitors came from Lithuania (26.3 thousand), Estonia (13.3 thousand), Germany (9.9 thousand), Poland (4.7 thousand), Finland (2.4 thousand) Russia and United Kingdom (2.2 thousand).

Most foreign visitors stayed in Riga (54.7 %), Jūrmala (18.5 %), Liepāja (4.9 %) and Ventspils (3.8 %).

In July 2021 the drop in the number of visitors from Lithuania, Estonia and Finland can be explained with the so-called “Baltic bubble” of last summer when restrictions for cross-border travel among the Baltic States were lifted – in July last year this enhanced growth in the number of visitors from neighbouring countries and Finland.


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