Vaccination in Latvia to be started on May 3

Vaccination of all residents in Latvia, irrespective of the priority group, will be started on May 3, the government agreed today.

Initially the government planned to launch vaccination of all residents not later than on May 10, but during discussions, the government decided to start it sooner.

Before that two more priority groups will be opened. Starting from April 30, vaccination of critically important public sector employees and employees of important exporting companies will be launched.

Also, on April 30, vaccination of employees who have contact with a large number of people, such as couriers, transport services providers, people working in retail and services, will be launched.

As reported, continuing the vaccination process, the next priority group will be opened on Tuesday – prisoners, residents of shelters and their staff, Agnese Strazda, a representative of the National Health Service’s vaccination project, informed.

Given the risks of Covid-19 spreading in closed areas with a large population, this population group is included in the sixth priority group of vaccines.

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