Vaccination against Covid-19 will take place in Latvian shopping malls

According to Latvian Radio, vaccination against Covid-19 will also take place in shopping malls starting next week.

Last week, the number of people getting their first jab declined. A new approach is currently being worked on to reach the unvaccinated population, Health Minister Daniels Pavluts told Latvian Radio.

“It means a number of directions, I would say, even a change in the vaccination approach. Firstly, next week, in parallel to the large vaccination centers, we will start vaccination in the major shopping centers.

“Let’s put an increasing emphasis on outdoor vaccination, and we’ll reinforce it in regions, especially with the older audience,” said Vaccination Project head Eva Juhņēviča.

She said that several campaigns were also planned in the near future to address people “And in addition, we are already working on a motivational program that would encourage people to make this decision and go to get vaccinated,” she said.

There are currently enough vaccines against Covid-19 in Latvia to ensure smooth vaccination process.

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