US military base in Poland drives a wedge into European unity

Recently, the issue of further expansion of the US military presence in Europe both on a rotational and a permanent basis became a topical issue in the international arena.

As it turned out, due to the need to replace US Army Forces personnel and armament in Germany, Poland, Baltic States, the need for armored brigades increased in Kuwait at the same time.

According to Army Times report, the Pentagon will reorganize the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas into an armored one over the next year to ensure the rotational presence of US forces units, especially in Europe, while the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado, will be reorganized into a Stryker brigade combat team till the 2020.

US plans to allocate $ 248 million to repair existing buildings and to build new barracks, housing for soldiers, health care centers, administration buildings and training centers, vehicle maintenance points, intelligence centers, military training areas and other military facilities in five European countries: Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands.

This fact provides evidence of planned increasing in number of US troops on a permanent basis in Europe.

It is interesting that the Czech Republic opposed the establishing of foreign military bases on its territory. At the same time, Warsaw does its best to win the White House’s favour and discusses the offer of building a permanent US military base in Poland. By the way, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the decision to set up the US military base had already been made. And added that it was just a matter of what it would look like technically.

He emphasized that “those, who know US domestic politics, say: if so subject talk occurs and the White House is interested in this topic, it means that the decision has already been made. It’s just a matter of what it will look like technically.”

On 3-4 October in Brussels Secretary of Defence of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak took part in the bilateral negotiations with US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis during the NATO ministers of Defence meeting.

Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed that the Pentagon is not only analyzing the Warsaw proposal for the permanent military presence but is also considering its feasibility to realize it.

Polish Ministry also reported that the working group of experts from the Pentagon and the Polish Ministry of National Defense are working on the details of setting up a US military base in Poland. Ministry of National Defense added that he had already planned a new visit to Washington, adding that the potential base had not been discussed with other NATO members yet.

The question of a new base location can be considered at the meeting. Moreover, the new base might be named Fort Trump. It is known, that Polish leaders would like to see the allies in the East, at the same time the US prefers to deploy its troops in the central part of the country. It is known that the Pentagon explores the territory of Poland as the possibility to conduct different military operations.

It seems as if Poland has its security strategy, which is fully supported by the expressive US president, Donald Trump, and has already set itself against Europe. In turn, Washington uses Warsaw as the wedge which is driven into unity of the Old Europe.

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