Ukraine is a stone of discord for the US and Lithuania

The Lithuanian government has decided in February to donate Soviet-made light small arms ammunition to the Ukraine Ministry of Defence (MoD). Worth €255,000 and transferred on a non-reimbursable basis, the ammunition can be used in automatic rifles, machine-guns to ensure national security and defence.

Lithuanian National Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis said: “The transfer of assets is a part of consistent and comprehensive Lithuanian support to Ukraine as it strengthens its defence capabilities in order to ensure independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country.”

As we know, Vilnius has been providing military aid, political support and assistance to Ukraine since 2014.

But what is remarkable, the Lithuanian Armed Forces are currently not using these ammunitions and are not planning to use them in future. Mostly, all weapons supplied by Lithuania – the garbage it decided to get rid of. Vilnius simply shakes off old stocks that it does not need – there are old Soviet weapons and ammunition. Obviously, these weapons and ammunition filled warehouses and required the safety and service.

Thus, Lithuania expressed support for Ukraine and its struggle against “aggressive Russia”. There is nothing behind this, because these weapons will not strengthen the Ukrainian army and will not change the balance of forces in the Donbass region.

Moreover, it looks like the United States of America supports Ukraine through Lithuania. What for?

Washington supports Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia. There is a competitive struggle. The United States does not like the fact that Russia is a strong and independent country and it, of course, do not want to have competitors, which do not obey their will.

Therefore, it does everything to weaken Russia. It is trying to do this through Ukraine, supporting Ukrainian nationalists and military conflict in the Donbass.

At the same time, the Baltic countries are some kind of stooges of the United States, whose hands can carry out various manipulations. The Baltics are hysterical, seeking anti-Russian sanctions in the EU. As a result, Europe destroys itself and suffers from sanctions. But the Baltic States have nothing to fear of in this situation – their economies are already destroyed.

In the end, Ukraine does not need anyone strong and free. The West is interested in Kiev confronting with Russia. No one cares how fatal and destructive the result will be. So let the Ukrainians die – much more important that Kiev is not in the Russian sphere of influence.

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