Travel update: arrivals in Lithuania from England, Slovenia, Wales need to self-isolate or get tested

People coming to Lithuania from England, Slovenia, and Wales will have to self-quarantine or present a negative coronavirus test as of Monday.

Lithuania has also  banned flights from the UK   amid fears of a mutated and more contagious strain of Covid-19 spreading in the country.

Besides England, Slovenia, and Wales, the list of regions and countries placed under restrictions includes Liechtenstein and Switzerland, as well as all non-EU/EEA countries and territories. This week, Northern Ireland and Poland were removed from the list.

Travellers from these countries must self-isolate for 10 days in Lithuania or present a negative coronavirus test taken within 48 hours of the arrival. Travellers can also take the test in Lithuania, but must remain in self-quarantine until the result is in. However, even if the result is negative, travellers are advised to avoid social contacts for 10 days

Lithuania has been labeled red in the European Union’s traffic light system that categorises countries according to the risk of coronavirus infection. Therefore, only arrivals from or via countries in the grey area are subject to travel restrictions.

According to the Health Ministry, the testing an self-isolation requirements do not apply if the traveller only stayed in an airport transit area in the affected country.

Countries in Europe are marked as green, yellow and red based on their infection rates and other indicators. The grey group includes countries that have not provided the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control with data or those with 7-day testing rates lower than 300 per 100,000 people.

Foreign nationals and residents from countries outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area are banned from coming to Lithuania, with individual exceptions set by the government.

More information about travel restriction is available on the Health Ministry’s website.


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