Transit travelers will have 12 hour time limit in Latvia

Persons passing through Latvia in transit will have to do so within 12 hours after filling in the “”, as decided by the Latvian government February 11.

The Ministry of Interior said that, in relation to the epidemiological situation in the country and the spread of the new strain of Covid-19, it is essential to reduce the stay time of persons crossing the border for transit purposes in the territory of Latvia.

Starting February 15, persons in transit have an obligation to cross the territory of Latvia within 12 hours of filling out the Covidpass questionnaire.

There are also exceptions:

When filling in, the person who crosses Latvia in transit must indicate this by ticking a box in the questionnaire.

At a remote press conference, Interior Minister Sandis Ģirģens said that officials have been confronted with a number of cases where transit is indicated as the purpose of entry in the, but in truth the intention was different.

He promised to bring the violators to justice in future. “Let’s not deceive each other. Let us be honest and start with ourselves and our personal responsibility,” the Minister said.


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