The single-dose Janssen vaccines were available again in Latvia

Head of the Vaccination project division Eva Juhņēviča reported that the single-dose Janssen vaccines were available again in Latvia after a period of shortage. Vaccination rate picked up along with it.

Last week, over 38,000 people got a jab against Covid-19, which is an improvement from the week before. Juhņēviča said that this is likely due to the availability of the Janssen vaccine. All stocks have currently been used but a further 19,200 doses are expected on Tuesday, September 28. According to the supply plan, Latvia should receive 12,600 vaccines from this producer every week.

Juhņēviča also said that regional vaccination is producing good results, and this week the mobile vaccination stations would go to Kandava, Aizkraukle, Rēzekne, Līvāni, Skrīveri, Jaunjelgava, Koknese, and Pļaviņas.

So far in Latvia, 47.94% of the total population have started vaccination against Covid-19 while 43.89% have finished.


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