The Riga International Film Festival announces full lineup

RIGA IFF taking place October 14 to 24, has announced its full lineup on September 15.

Over 100 films will be screened in 10 thematic sections, including 5 competition programmes.

In-person screenings will only be accessible with an interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate. Screenings will take place at the Splendid Palace cinema and at the Ziedonis Hall in the National Library of Latvia. Most of the program will be available online.

There will be several in-person screenings in Madona and Valmiera.

This year’s festival slogan is “There is always time”, which is also reflected in the choice of films.

“Time has no objective boundaries. It is absolute, but simultaneously unpredictable in form and content. What matters is how we fill time. Cinema can pause time, slow it down, it can reveal and explain time, but never waste it. Dedicate 11 days in October to experience the festival. Expand your consciousness and sharpen your mind – collectively or individually. We will provide you with both options, so you can choose which experience suits you best,” says Riga IFF Director Liene Treimane.



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