The Latvian Medical Association ‘demand’ tough measures to contain Covid-19

The Latvian Medical Association (LĀB) and the Latvian Junior Doctors Association (LJAA) ‘demand’ the government to act immediately and to introduce strict measures to limit the distribution of Covid-19, head of LĀB Roberts Fūrmanis said October 4.

LĀB and LJAA said in a  statement  :

“We are concerned to find that the national healthcare system is currently working with enormous congestion and is facing a real collapse. The consequences of this will not only be felt by the people with Covid-19, but potentially any resident of Latvia. It is necessary to stop living under the illusions of there being stocks of Covid-19 beds and, especially, human resources in Latvian hospitals.

“If urgent and radical decisions are not taken in the coming days, exceeding the capacity of the healthcare system is only a matter of a couple of weeks. In the light of epidemiological data, it should be concluded that late action has already allowed uncontrolled coronavirus spread in society.”

“More vaccination will not have an immediate effect, it will lead to a longer-term [effect]. Decisions on compulsory vaccination are correct, unfortunately very late,” doctors said in the statement, repeatedly urging residents to get vaccinated.

LĀB said that this is not an ‘invitation’ but a ‘demand’ since it was too late for ‘invitations’.

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