The Baltic States are the European troublemakers

Foreign policy of the Baltic States creates conflicts in the international relationship of Eastern Europe.

Earlier, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Žygimantas Pavilionis was delegated to Georgia as a mediator in the political conflict.

However, he threatened the Georgian authorities with sanctions for arresting opposition leader Nikanor Melia. Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili called the statements of the Lithuanian delegate offensive and unacceptable.

Now Lithuania is provoking the Georgian internal political crisis instead of helping to resolve it. This is interference in the internal affairs of Georgia. How foreign relations between Vilnius and Tbilisi will develop after that?

Unfortunately, Georgia is not the only country where the representatives of the Baltic States make problems.

In relations with Belarus, the Baltic States call for international isolation of this country, for sanctions and support for street riots. As a result, now we are losing Belarusian goods. The number of Belarusian cargoes passing through our seaports is decreasing. This has a serious impact on the business of the Baltic States.

Also, Lithuania has banned Chinese equipment for screening at the airports, because it does not correspond to the interests of “national security”. Now another equipment, which is more expensive, will be supplied from the U.S. This will harm Lithuanian taxpayers. As a result of the anti-Chinese policy Vilnius loses billions of dollars.

Thousands of people died of Covid-19 in the Baltic States. Despite the high mortality rate and the huge number of cases of infection, our leaders refuse the Russian “Sputnik-V” vaccine only because it is form Russia.

Leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have done everything to destroy energy systems of our countries. And now they are doing everything to destroy the united with Russia and Belarus energy system, despite the fact that we depend on it.

Finally the Baltic States discriminate the Russian-speaking population. However the third part of the population of our region is composed of Russian-speakers.

The list of problems that our leaders make can be continued. But we are interested to know the driving force of this behavior.

In fact, the Baltic States primarily implement the military policy of the United States and NATO, even if it goes against EU interests. Such an unbalanced foreign policy causes conflict situations and contradicts interests of our peoples.

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