Telia Lietuva embarks on mobile network upgrade using Ericsson equipment

Telia Lietuva has announced that it has begun installing next generation Ericsson mobile base stations throughout Lithuania, after a strategic partnership agreement was signed with the Swedish vendor at the end of last year. Around 2,000 base stations will be installed over the next three years, making Telia’s network more sustainable, secure and ready for commercial 5G deployment in the future. Ericsson equipment will be used throughout Telia’s radio access network (RAN).

Telia Lietuva carried out the first tests of Ericsson’s equipment at the end of March, and now a pilot cluster of base stations is being installed in the northern part of Vilnius to test and adjust the equipment in real conditions. A network-wide upgrade, which will last for three years, will begin in May.

‘The current mobile network equipment meets today’s needs and ensures Telia Lietuva’s leadership in the field of mobile communications, however, digital society will need even more data and speed in the nearest future,’ stated Dan Stromberg, CEO of Telia Lietuva, adding: ‘We were the first in Lithuania to install a 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G network. Now with Ericsson equipment, we are substantially updating the mobile technology network of all technologies in Lithuania. We invest heavily in making our services high quality, innovative and sustainable.’

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  1. Stephanie Stephanie Thursday, April 15, 2021

    It is incomprehensible that this company and the Lithuanian government are not aware of the health and environmental damage that 5G does!!!!!!
    There are many studies on the harm done and the information is readily available ( is one).
    Areas where 5G has been installed show clearly a rise in cancer and other neurological damage, bird and insect populations decimated, even trees and vegetation harmed.
    As an example, a school in California rented its roof for 2 5G towers and in a few months some teachers and also students developed cancer. The school had the towers removed. They understood that the rental income was not worth the price! A canton in Switzerland has voted not to install 5G.
    There are other examples, even one in Latvia, the town of Skrunda, 150 km. from Riga, where a radar station had been set up. After many complaints, the government , having done research, presented its findings at a conference “The Effect of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation on Organisms.” The consequences are disastrous. And this was already known in June, 1994!
    It would seem that especially in these times, people and governments would see how precious health is, whether peoples’ or the environments’! And to compromise them for a bit faster technology?
    When will what is really valuable be treasured? Is it always “the money” ( I can’t think that any person with half a brain would trade health for money, or is that what “civilization” has become?).

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