Tartu-Helsinki flights may restart in spring 2022

Flights between Finland and Estonia’s second largest city Tartu are expected to restart in spring 2022, although no firm agreement is in place yet.

Flights between Helsinki and Tartu have been suspended since spring 2020 due to coronavirus but there is new hope the flight path will reopen next year.

Two weeks ago, Tartu City Government and Finnair met to discuss the issue. Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas said both parties want to restore the connection – but the question is when.

Tallinn Airport manager Eero Pärgmäe said the route was mostly used for business trips, but these are still reduced due to covid-19. “Therefore, Finnair is still cautious about re-establishing the route today,” he said.

Tallinn Airport, which manages Tartu Airport, has said restarting flights will take some time. Pärgmäe said the plans need to be known three to four months in advance.

It is also not clear if the aircraft will have 42 or 72 seats and what the frequency of flights will be. Approximately 30,000 passengers use the connection in the years before the coronavirus crisis.

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