Tallinn Hospital gets Brussels go-ahead, mayor says state must contribute

Part of a one-billion-euro recovery package which the European Commission gave its approval to Sunday includes €280 million towards the construction of a main Tallinn Hospital, a development which Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart (Center) has that the city also expects a signal from the state on.

Kõlvart said: “The construction of Tallinn Hospital, together with the necessary medical equipment, will cost at least €520 million, which will not be covered by the recovery facility’s €280 million plus the €100 million budgeted for by Tallinn to date.”

“It would not be right or fair if the entire burden of building the hospital falls on the residents of Tallinn, as at least 50 percent of Tallinn Hospital’s estimated patient numbers will come from outside Tallinn,” Kõlvart added.

The European Commission on Sundaygave its approval in principleto Estonia’s plan for the use of funding under the European Resilience and Recovery Facility.

Health minister Tanel Kiik (Center) also said that the state would need to pitch in.

He said: I consider it essential that the state also find additional funds in the coming years to support this major project.”

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