Tallinn fuel prices still highest of Baltic capitals

Fuel prices in Tallinn continue to be the highest of the three Baltic capitals, according to a price comparison issued by retailer Circle K on Friday, ERR’s online news in Estonian reports.

95-octane gasoline, at €1.459 per liter at pump in Tallinn, is €0.14 dearer than in Vilnius, Lithuania and €0.132 more expensive than in Riga, Latvia.*

With 98-octane gasoline, the gap is as high as €0.172 between Tallinn and Riga, with a liter costing €1.509 in the Estonian capital. 98-octane costs €0.091 less per liter in Vilnius.

Diesel, which saw a two-cent-per-liter price rise in Estonia this week, now costs €1.249 per liter at pump, €0.04 more than in Vilnius and €0.022 more than in Riga.

Fuel prices in Latvia and Lithuania meanwhile have mostly either been rising, or remaining unchanged.

In Riga, 98-octane gas fell by €0.051 per liter this week, while 95-octane fell by €0.001. Diesel remains at the same price.

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