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First snowless winter recorded in Lithuania

Monday, March 2, 2020

The past winter in Lithuania was the warmest on record, which reflects the  climate   change tendencies, the country’s Hydrometeorological Service said on Monday. “All winter months were considerably warmer than the usual multiannual norms,” Donatas Valiukas from Hydrometeorological Service told BNS. The last year was also the warmest on record, he added. The average winter temperature in 2019–20 stood at 2.6 degrees centigrade, compared to the 1982–2010 average of…

Winter time to be introduced in Lithuania this weekend

Friday, October 26, 2018

It might be one of the last times when the clocks will be changed in the country as the European Commission said in September it had proposed to EU members states to stop changing the clocks as of 2019, with the final decision is still due. International news agencies report that based on the latest proposal, seasonal times changes would stop as of 2021. The Commission suggests allowing member states…