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Wagner mercenaries in Libya – Putin’s naive cannon fodder

By Augusts Augustiņš on Friday, June 12, 2020

The mentality of Russian soldiers of being mere cannon fodder has not changed since the times of Ivan the Terrible, and we can conclude this from what we have seen and read in mass media. If we objectively disregard the “heroic deeds” – made up by the Kremlin – of Russian soldiers during World War II, it becomes evident that on the battlefield a Russian soldier will follow the following…

Three for the Weekend: Wagner, crafts, canoes

Friday, May 22, 2020

Plenty to do, plenty to watch, plenty to listen. Here are a few tips for the weekend of May 22-24. This is and will be a great way to finish a great day on Friday, May 22. Not only a romantic evening on the water but also a way to observe Riga from an unusual point of view. Enjoy the magic of the Daugava sunsets and the beautiful lights of Riga canal. The most important thing to bring: a smile! More information…