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Lithuanian parliament: No interference in politics by state security

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Lithuanian parliament will not continue investigating claims of unlawful interference in  politic by the country’s intelligence services, the parliamentary committee on security and defence said on Tuesday. MP Vytautas Bakas and the former chairman of the parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence (NSGK) claimed he received information on “alleged unlawful influence on the country’s internal political processes” by a state security body. The politician said he turned to…

Company in Lithuania’s largest corruption case wins reputation lawsuit against MP

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

MG Baltic, a business group embroiled in Lithuania’s biggest corruption case, won a reputation case against MP Vytautas Bakas who likened to corporation to an organised criminal group and said it caused damage to the state. Although Bakas’ statements made last year are viewed as an opinion, the “information on certain events, provided to the public, must be correct and based on facts,” the court ruling reads. Bakas also tried…

Bakas: I refused to use intelligence data for political attacks

Friday, August 9, 2019

The MG Baltic group has presented an amended complaint about the compensation of non-property harm, naming Seimas Committee of National Security and Defence (NSGK) the former chairman Vytautas Bakas as the defendant for his supposed publication, use and intentional misleading interpretation of intelligence data, Rasuolė Bauraitė wrote in However, V. Bakas mentions that “Farmer” leader Ramūnas Karbauskis was also interested in making use of intelligence data for his own purposes. “My “problems” with the…