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Approximately 40% of Latvian higher education students ‘might be’ vaccinated

Monday, August 2, 2021

President of the Union of Latvian Students Kristafers Zeiļuks said that in Latvia, approximately 40% of higher education students aged 19-24 could be vaccinated against Covid-19, but there is no exact data. Zeiļuks said that there was no comprehensive information on all students, including Master’s and doctoral level students, so the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) should look for ways of collecting data on all students so that it is clear which…

Proportion of Latvia’s fully vaccinated population increased

Thursday, July 29, 2021

According to July 29 estimates by LETA, over the last week, the proportion of Latvia’s fully vaccinated population increased by approximately 1.25 percentage points, , based on data compiled by the National Health Service (NVD). Data at the disposal of NVD just over a week ago showed that by July 21, 34.49% of all Latvian residents had completed the vaccination process. On Thursday, July 29, data show that 35.74% of…

Latvia wants to achieve a higher proportion of vaccinated people

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

In an interview on Latvian Radio July 27, infectologist, professor Uga Dumpis said it would take a miracle to achieve a higher proportion of vaccinated people in Latvia, since vaccines here are ‘disliked’ . Dumpis said he did not like the word ‘compulsory’ for vaccination. He said there ‘simply are things that an unvaccinated person cannot do for the sake of his or her safety’. For example, unvaccinated teachers who come to teach a…