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Tax take rises nearly 15 percent in April 2021 compared with previous year

Friday, June 11, 2021

Tax take for April stood at €670.8, a 14.9 percent rise on year, the Tax and Customs Board (MTA) says, with growth mainly fueled by the low starting point, given that April 2020 was the first full month to follow the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. VAT receipts January to April 2021 came to €804 million, 19 percent more than in the same period in 2020, though even 5.9 percent…

Finance ministry: Tax take up nearly 20 percent on year to Q1 2021

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tax revenue grew nearly 20 percent on year to the first quarter of 2021 (Q1 2021), the finance ministry reports, and totaled €1.77 billion, payable to the Tax and Customs Board (MTA). The tax take increased for three consecutive months, with growth gradually accelerating, the finance ministry says, largely due to the low baseline in spring 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic arrived. Vat payments for Q1 2021 exceeded even Q1…

Estonia: One fifth of businesses have serious tax deficiencies

Monday, October 26, 2020

One in five businesses have serious deficiencies relating to their tax situation, the Tax and Customs Board (MTA) says. Additionally, another twenty percent have some issues. The MTA adds that over half of businesses have their affairs fully in order, so far as the authority is concerned. The board issues guidance on how to remedy this issues, where needed, via a free and voluntary service made available in the summer…