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The Baltic States are on the brink of destruction

By Lukas Ramonas on Friday, July 5, 2019

Why does the United States need the Baltics and what threatens these countries with an increasing of the American military presence? So, the United States have opposed Russia in one form or another in this region since the 1940s, when the Baltic States were not recognized as part of the USSR. This region has always been in the focus of American attention. The United States believed that it was more…

The U.S. And Russia Are Stocking Up On Missiles And Nukes For A Different Kind Of War

By Geoff Brumfiel on Friday, February 1, 2019

At a Russian base on the Baltic Sea, construction is underway to house a new generation of nuclear-capable missiles. Tent-like structures have popped up to shelter the mobile missile system, known as Iskander, which is capable of firing weapons with both conventional and nuclear warheads. Recent satellite imagery of the territory, known as Kaliningrad also shows that old buildings on the base are being demolished. “It really looks like the…

Lithuania’s financial regulator launches its regulatory sandbox

Friday, September 28, 2018

Startups and other businesses developing financial technologies (FinTech) will soon be able to test their innovative products in a live environment under the guidance and supervision of the central bank of Lithuania. Submission of applications to enter the Bank of Lithuania regulatory sandbox opens on 15 October 2018. “Having developed an innovation-friendly space, we seek to pave the way for faster and easier access to new financial solutions. Ideas generated…