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Weird secret ‘safe words’ Hollywood actresses like to use when sex scenes get too much

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sex scenes may be titillating for the audience, but in front of the cameras, it’s a different story . When describing the work that goes into a raunchy scene, one word which actors bring up a LOT is “awkward”. One scene may have to be acted over and over again with a crew watching you do your thing while wearing a “nude patch” – plus there’s nowhere hide from the lighting. According…

Twee biscuit tin hiding naughty sex scenes – and artist has reveals why

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A freelance artist who slipped naughty sex scenes into a twee country scene on a biscuit scene has revealed why he did it. Mick Hill, from Whistable, Kent, illustrated the tins for Berkshire-based company Huntley & Palmers in the 1970s. The artist’s raunchy handiwork was later featured in the Whitstable Times , and was then picked up in the national papers, making page three of the Sunday People in 1980.…