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Portable wooden houses travel from Latvia to Scandinavia

Monday, July 20, 2020

Latvian company “Smart eco tiny” has been producing mobile houses from wood for less than a year, but interest has already perked up in Scandinavian countries, Latvian Television reported July 20. The distinguishing factor from other mobile houses is the wooden build instead of plastic. The company’s owner, Kaspars Juliks, created “Smart eco tiny” in October last year because he was tired of working for others. The company makes small, mobile wooden…

Scandinavia, Baltic Set to Become China’s Newest Playground

Monday, April 22, 2019

On a map, they appear so close together: Helsinki and Tallinn, the capitals of Finland and Estonia, sit just 50 miles from each other across the Gulf of Finland. Yet in practice, they couldn’t seem farther apart, especially given their close cultural, linguistic and, increasingly, economic ties. On a good day, it takes about two hours by ferry to cross the often choppy waters. But not for long, if an ambitious…