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Military strike on Iran by Saudi or US will provoke ‘all out war’

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammed Zarif has warned Tehran is prepared for “all out war” if the US launches a military strike on the country. Speaking to CNN, Zarif made the threat over claims in Washington that Iran was responsible for an attack on Saudi oil facilities last week. Houthi rebels currently fighting Saudi Arabia in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack, which caused massive fires at two of the nation’s…

Saudi economy grows 2.21 percent in 2018

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Saudi Arabia’s economy grew at a pace of 2.21 percent in 2018, recovering from a contraction in the previous year, helped by higher oil prices, government data showed on Thursday. Oil sector grew 2.85 percent from a contraction in 2017, while non-oil sector grew 2.05 percent, the data showed. The Saudi economy recovered last year after being hit hard in recent years by low oil prices and state austerity measures…

Yemen: Air strikes kill dozens of children riding a bus (Video)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Plastic body bags containing the bodies of children, killed after air strikes hit their bus while travelling through a market in Northern Yemen. The Saada health department says it left 43 dead and 63 injured. The Saudi-led coalition who fired the missiles have accused its targets, the Iranian-aligned Houthi group, of using children as human shields. Moussa Abdullah was an eye witness of the attack. He said: “The strike happened…