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Latvia rebuts latest Russian historical revisionism

Friday, July 24, 2020

Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement July 24 drawing attention, not for the first time, to attempts to rewrite history by the Russian Federation. It appears to be in response to recent claims by the Russian Foreign Ministry and Russian embassies in the Baltic states that the occupation of the Baltic states in 1940 and subsequent decades was all done in accordance with international law — a claim that few, if…

Lithuania won’t tolerate attempts to rewrite history, foreign minister say

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Lithuania will not tolerate attempts to rewrite history and reverse the roles of victims and executioners, Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said on Monday. “The Russian ministry’s official spokeswoman has announced her assessment, which is a message to the world. We are convinced we can’t ignore it,” Linkevicius told BNS by phone from Yerevan. “This is our national hero, a man who symbolizes our resistance fight, and it’s unacceptable to make…