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Pennsylvania Guard to help Lithuanian army develop division-level HQ

Friday, September 13, 2019

Representatives of the Lithuanian Land Force and the 28th Infantry Division (28ID) of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard are signing an agreement on Friday to develop a division-level command and control (C2) capability. The document embeds the ambition of the Lithuanian Land Force Headquarters to develop a division-level command and control (C2) capability within the Lithuanian Land Force Headquarters. Lithuanian military representatives say it is necessary to ensure that the…

Speed cameras are very bad idea for Pennsylvania: Letters to the editor

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The safety argument for speed cameras has been debunked. Studies have shown speed camera areas having an increase in crashes or the cameras had no effect. In the United Kingdom, a substantial increase in crashes was seen due to panic braking. Act 86 of 2018 puts speed cameras on interstates, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, federal-aid highways and U.S. Route 1, and gives the state police radar guns. That part is not…