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Only in Russia: New armored vehicle airdropped WITH crew during ‘historic’ drills

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Russian military has successfully tested a new airmobile armored personnel carrier during large-scale drills in central Russia. The APC was parachuted with a crew onboard – a daring technique used only by Russian troops. Over 200 armored vehicles and some 2,500 servicemen took part in the joint drills of Transport Aviation and Airborne Troops, which concluded on Friday. One highlight of the exercise was the airdrop of a new…

NASA to test ‘quiet’ supersonic flights over Texas

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

NASA’s mission to create a quiet supersonic aircraft that could revolutionize air travel has moved a step closer with plans for tests over Texas. The space agency has announced it will publicly demonstrate its technology near the coastal resort city of Galveston to ensure that its prototype really will be barely audible when it crosses the sound barrier.Creating a supersonic aircraft that doesn’t produce sonic booms would be a game-changer for aviation.…