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Help a toad cross the road, nature experts urge

Friday, March 26, 2021

Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) warns drivers to look out for amphibians freshly awake in the warm weather, DAP representative Maija Rēna said March 26. Hundreds of toads die in road accidents every year, by no fault of their own. Indeed, according to DAP zoologist Vilnis Skuja, toad migration paths have formed thousands of years ago, way before humans decided to insert themselves in traffic. DAP has identified locations where road and…

No selfies with seals, nature experts remind

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Over the weekend the first reports of baby seals on shore have been received, Nature Conservation Agency (DAP) said March 8. Despite annual campaigns by the Agency urging not to come close to baby seals washed ashore from the sea, year after year, people either try to “save” them or take pictures to post on social media. Baby seals should have plenty of rest when they’re on shore, and people should not put the…

Nature tourism sites to open in Latvia

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Nature trails and observation towers managed by Nature Conservation Agency (NCA) will be available again to visitors starting this weekend, said representative Maija Rēna on May 14. In view of the Minister Cabinet’s decision to gradually lift assembly restrictions related to COVID-19, nature trails and observation decks and towers are to open in all regions from Saturday, May 16. On a number of routes, one-way direction will still have to…