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DEFENDER-Europe 20 is still not neither canceled nor postponed till further notice

By Stero Veberts on Friday, May 22, 2020

Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 was mostly canceled due to coronavirus pandemic. It is the biggest military drills in Europe, that was to be held this April – May. However because of coronavirus outbreak the chain of smaller drills within DEFENDER-Europe 20 was significantly cut. The U.S. troops that were deployed before the outbreak and Europe’s lockdown are still there, and they are awaiting June. Because that’s when Defender Plus is to…

Latvia to test its National Armed Forces’ state defence capabilities

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The largest military drills in Latvia’s history – Namejs 2018 – will be taking place in the country from 20 August to 2 September. The goal of this military exercise is to test and improve the country’s National Armed Forces’ readiness to defend the country on their own and as part of a collective defence system, Defence Ministry says. «After four years of intense preparations, this will be the largest…