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44% of Latvians feel middle-class

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Swedbank study found that 44% of Latvia’s residents consider themselves to be part of the middle class, although less than 10% actually fulfil the self-defined criteria, according to Latvian Radio on February 11. This is the bank’s second annual study, and for the second time society feels better about their economic well-being than data shows. Despite economic development, the middle class still sits at 9%, according to criteria the…

More than half of Latvia’s residents consider themselves middle class – study

Thursday, September 13, 2018

More than half or 52.6% of Latvia’s residents consider themselves middle class, according to Swedbank Institute of Finances’ study of the middle class in Latvia. While presenting the study, Evija Kropa, head of SwedbankInstitute of Finances, said that the middle class was a social group that not only made significant contribution to Latvia’s budget and economic growth. The middle class also reduces social inequality. However, there are no definitive criteria in the…