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Coronavirus update: 15 new cases in Lithuania, outbreak at Vilnius supermarket and McDonald’s

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Lithuania confirmed 15 new coronavirus cases over Monday, the country’s Health Ministry said which was late to announce the results due to a technical glitch. Lithuania tested 6,496 people for Covid-19 on Monday and 37 tests were positive. However, it was unclear initially how many of them were new cases. In all, 1,562 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Lithuania so far. Sixty people have died from the disease. According…

McDonald’s in Latvia to provide plastic straws on demand-only basis

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

To motivate clients to reduce using plastic straws, McDonald’s fast food chain in Latvia plans to start a test in which straws will be provided on demand only. This test was commenced by McDonald’s branch in Jelgava on 9 April. Other McDonald’s fast food establishments in Latvia will start implementing the same regime in the beginning of June. As part of the test, all drinks served at the fast food…