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Lithuania Receives the U.S. Approval to Purchase Hundreds of JLTV Armoured Vehicles

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence informed that the U.S. administration has agreed to sell Lithuania its newest JLTV armoured vehicles. The contract for the purchase of 200 vehicles is to be signed this year, however, it is quite possible that the Lithuanians will buy more JLTVs in the future. Lithuania’s Deputy Defence Minister Giedrius Jeglinskas informed that the sides “are proceeding to agree on the contract”. The U.S. government has…

Lithuania to spend around EUR 142 mln on new JLTVs

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Lithuania plans to spend around 142 million euros on the purchase and maintenance of new American joint light tactical vehicles, or JLTVs, the Ministry of National Defense said on Wednesday. The funds would be allocated for 2020-2023, making it the second-largest acquisition in the history of Lithuania’s army, following the purchase of Boxer armored fighting vehicles. Lithuania plans to complete negotiation with the US government on the purchase of 200…