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Lithuania teaches Ukraine how to kill

By Lukas Ramonas on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

As we know, Lithuanian military instructors have been taking part in the training of personnel for Ukraine since 2014. Specialists from Lithuania participate in training programs independently or together with instructors from the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Poland. It’s not a secret that Lithuania is deeply integrated into the military reforms of Kyiv. Thus, Vilnius has legalized the military training operation in Ukraine in 2017. This law expands the…

Neutral Switzerland wants to sell weapons to states in ‘internal conflict’

Monday, June 18, 2018

Switzerland, a country famous for its neutrality, announced on Friday, June 15 that it wants to allow the sale of arms in countries in the grip of an “internal armed conflict,” under certain conditions. Causing outcry from opponents, the Swiss government said that “war materials” could be sold, but only if they were not used during an internal conflict. “The delivery of war material to a country involved in an…