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Flying Over Belarus is Risky, But There Are Even More Dangerous Skies

By Tom O'Connor on Thursday, June 3, 2021

International airlines and federal aviation authorities have reacted strongly to Belarus’ recent interception of a Greece to Lithuania flight, with one independent monitor raising the risk level of the Eastern European country’s airspace. But at a Level 3 ranking, Belarus is not the most dangerous nation in the world, according to the Safe Airspace’s Conflict Zone & Risk Database, a project of OpsGroup, “a group of 7,000 pilots, dispatchers, controllers,…

Typhoons scrambled twice in one day to intercept Russian aircraft

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Typhoon fighter jets operating from Ämari Air Base in Estonia launched twice on Tuesday 25th June to intercept Russian military aircraft flying close to (but not inside) Estonian airspace. Typhoons first intercepted a Russian military transport aircraft before later intercepting two Russian Flanker fighters and another military transport aircraft. This is a routine mission for the Typhoons conducting NATO enhanced Air Policing, providing reassurance that the UK is working in…