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Flights allowed to all but four EU states in Latvia

Thursday, September 3, 2020

As from Thursday, flights to and from Latvia are allowed with all European Union (EU) and European Economic Zone (EEZ) countries apart from Spain, Andorra, Malta and Luxembourg, Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) spokesman  Aivis Vincevs told LETA September 1. Vincevs said that the Cabinet’s amendments decided on Wednesday have come in force, which stipulate that air travel is allowed from counties where cumulative infection rate in 14 days is no more than…

Lithuania among EU states pledging to relocate more minors from Greece

Friday, July 10, 2020

The European Commission says member states, including Lithuania, have pledged up to 2,000 places to host child and teenage asylum seekers from Greece. The figure represents an increase from the original 1,600 announced earlier this year as part of a scheme to help the Mediterranean country, which is one of the major refugee and asylum seeker entry points into the European Union. “More than 120 children have already been relocated,”…

Migrant crisis: EU leaders plan closed migrant centres

Friday, June 29, 2018

Closed migrant centres are to be set up in EU states to process asylum claims under a deal reached after marathon talks at a leaders summit in Brussels. The centres, hosted on a voluntary basis, would determine who are illegal migrants “who will be returned”. Italy – the entry point for thousands of migrants, mainly from Africa – had threatened to veto the summit’s entire agenda if it did not…