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Saeima adopts amendments on transition to competence-based learning contents

Friday, September 21, 2018

Saeima today in the final reading adopted amendments to the Education Law that were necessary to gradually introduce competence-based learning contents in education. Also, amendments were introduced into forms of acquisition of education, setting that educational institutions may offer full-time education, extramural education or distance education, while preschool programs can be offered only as full-time education. The new bill includes a new norm on state interest-related educational institutions. The Cabinet…

Several hundred people protest transition to Latvian language at Russian schools in Latvia

Monday, June 4, 2018

At least 500 people on Saturday participated in the yet another demonstration in Riga organized by Latvia’s Russian Union to protest gradual transition to Latvian as the sole language of instruction at schools but few of the protesters were youngsters. Before the meeting the leaders of Latvia’s Russian Union, Tatjana Zdanoka and Miroslavs Mitrofanovs, were handing out to the protesters sheets of paper, apparently children’s drawings, with the slogan Our…