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Estonia’s Volunteer Cyber Militia

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Interesting — although short and not very detailed — article about Estonia’s volunteer cyber-defense militia. Padar’s militia of amateur IT workers, economists, lawyers, and other white-hat types are grouped in the city of Tartu, about 65 miles from the Russian border, and in the capital, Tallinn, about twice as far from it. The volunteers, who’ve inspired a handful of similar operations around the world, are readying themselves to defend against the kind…

US tariffs on Chinese imports may affect Lithuanian consumers

By Economists on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Economists say that US President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports may, in the long run, affect Lithuania’s economy, too. Swedbank Lithuania’s chief economist Nerijus Maciulis says that even though Lithuania exports almost no products to China or the US, a trade war may have an indirect impact on the country as much of its exports go to other EU markets, which depend on trade relations between the two economic powerhouses. “Even if these…