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VID stops alcohol production from disinfectant

Friday, June 26, 2020

In June, the Tax and Customs Police Board of the State Revenue Service (VID) opened criminal proceedings against a group of persons engaged in the illicit manufacture, storage, transfer and possible sale of alcoholic beverages, made  out of disinfectants, VID said on June 26. As part of the criminal proceedings, the VID Tax and Customs Police carried out searches in Riga and Liepaja municipalities. 675 litres of liquid with an alcohol-specific scent…

Designer creates artsy new disinfectant stand

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Latvian designer Mārcis Ziemiņš has used his time in lockdown to create an artsy hand-disinfectant stand, reports Latvian Radio. Before the coronavirus emergency, Ziemiņš mainly designed installations, decorations, and designs for events. When events subsided and the hum of work ground to a halt, Mārcis developed a new business idea satisfying the current demand. He created the “Spray Box”: a hand disinfectant stand combining function and design. Ziemiņš is the owner and head…