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Estonian government collapses over corruption investigation

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Estonia’s prime minister has resigned after police and prosecutors launched an investigation into an alleged corruption scandal involving his left-leaning Centre party related to a property development. Jüri Ratas, the prime minister since 2016, handed his resignation letter to the president on Wednesday, local media reported, bringing down the centre-right coalition government he heads that also includes a far-right party. “The suspicion expressed by the public prosecutor’s office … does…

Centre Party headquarters windows tagged with swastikas

Monday, March 18, 2019

The windows of the Centre Party’s main headquarters on Narva Highway in Central Tallinn were found tagged with swastikas and swear words on Sunday. Centre Party spokesperson Andre Hanimägi told ERR that this was an act of brutal vandalism, and that the party would without a doubt be contacting the police over the matter. “I sincerely hope that whoever did this is found and that they are punished accordingly,” Mr…

Riisalu introduces militarised border as Centre promise, sparks criticism

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Aivar Riisalu, who is in charge of compiling the chapter on national defence in the Centre Party’s party platform ahead of the 2019 Riigikogu elections, told ERR on Monday that the party’s central promise in that area will be the restoration of militarised border patrol utilising conscripts fresh out of basic training. The announcement sparked widespread criticism. Speaking to ERR, Riisalu clarified that unlike the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia…