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Private media in Poland protest advertising tax

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Sections of the privately owned media in Poland imposed a news blackout on Wednesday morning in protest over a proposed new tax on advertising revenue. Independent media companies have warned the tax could stifle media pluralism and free speech in the country. They argue its introduction will mean a “weakening or even liquidation” of some media operating in Poland, as well as limiting the possibilities of financing qualitative and local…

‘Operation Blackout is underway’: Russia blames US for Venezuela power crisis

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Russia has accused the United States of deliberately causing a succession of crippling power cuts in Venezuela as part of a plot to topple its president, Nicolás Maduro, dubbed “Operation Blackout”. The crisis-stricken South American country has been rocked by a series of nationwide power outrages since 7 March, which Maduro’s government has blamed on US-backed saboteurs and snipers but most experts attribute to poor maintenance and a bush fire…

2,900 homes in Kärdla left without power due to line failure

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A total of 2,900 homes in the Kärdla network area of electricity distribution system operator Elektrilevi were left without power at around 17:00 EEST on Monday evening following a medium voltage line failure. Power was restored to all customers of the Hiiumaa town by later that evening. Elektrilevi spokesperson Peeter Liik told BNS on Monday evening that there was a short circuit on the line as a result of the…