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Neo-Nazi suspect attempted a terror attack in Lithuania, police says

Friday, June 26, 2020

Police in Lithuania arrested a neo-Nazi suspect last year who tried to commit a terror attack, the country’s prosecutors said on Friday. A pre-trial was launched in October 2019 when an improvised explosive device was found next to the Western Union offices in the Lithuanian capital. The suspect had sprayed FK DIVISION and SIEGE graffiti, as well as a swastika. Lithuania’s anti-terror police unit, ARAS, neutralised the device which was…

Iran intelligence attempted to access University of Tartu e-mail accounts

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

An attempt has been made to gain access to University of Tartu email accounts with phishing emails as part of a campaign probably organized at the instructions of the government of Iran, the Estonian Internal Security Service (ISS) says in its annual review published on Tuesday. A phishing email was used to try to gain access to some email accounts connected to the University of Tartu. This was probably a campaign…