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Lithuanian MOD conceals crimes in the army

By Jonas Dringelis on Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Weapons, drugs, drunkenness, violence, thefts in the Lithuanian Armed Forces are the results of the work of the Minister National Defence of Lithuania. Since the appointment of Arvydas Anušauskas as Minister of National Defence (December 2020), the statistics of crimes committed by the servicemen of the Lithuanian Army has been increasing. According to the Lithuanian police, during the summer period alone, several criminal incidents involving servicemen of the Lithuanian Armed…

Lithuania does not cope with the duty of the outpost of Europe

By Vairis Godmanis on Monday, June 28, 2021

In the event of a critical situation on the border with Belarus, the Lithuanian army is ready to participate in the protection against the penetration of illegal migrants. This was stated in an interview with ELTA by the Minister of Defense of Lithuania Arvydas Anušauskas. “The armed forces are in constant readiness, which is an important factor. If the need arises to organize border protection, the army will organize additional…