Survey: one-third of Latvian residents use mobile internet at home

More and more Latvian residents use mobile internet as the main form of internet for their homes – around 80% of residents who have mobile internet use it as their main. Considering accessibility, this kind of internet connection is more often used in the countryside and Pieriga, according to results of a market survey by Tele2 and RAIT Custom Research Baltic.

33% of households in Latvia already use mobile internet solutions. Their numbers increase by nearly 5% every year. Most often residents mentioned easy installation and the main advantage of wireless internet at home – this was mentioned by 39% of survey respondents. 37% of respondents praise the mobility of this technology – the ability to take it with them, for example, to the countryside.

«Mobile home internet has become a worthy competitor for fixed internet connection. Data shows that this tendency continues developing – the ratio of mobile internet users has grown by more than 15% over the course of the past two years. Mobile home internet has very minimal geographical restrictions. This is why it is very popular in the countryside, where other types of internet connections are not available or economically unviable. It should be said that because of that, mobile internet is becoming more and more popular in cities, as well,» says Tele2 commercial director Raivo Rosts.

More often residents mention good price as one of the most serious argument in favour of mobile home internet. 32% of respondents in the survey mentioned good price as the main reason why they picked this internet service.

827 people took part in the survey performed by Tele2 and RAIT Custom Research Baltic.

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