Survey: Most employers say plan to continue remote working post-pandemic

Remote working, far from causing issues, has increased employee satisfaction and motivation in Estonia, employers say, with 68 percent of them planning to continue with the set-up even amid falling coronavirus, and rising vaccination, rates, according to one survey.

Twenty-four percent said most likely they would not continue using teleworking post-pandemic, in a survey compiled by the Salary Information Agency and job portal

Henry Auväärt, marketing chief at, said that despite these advantages of remote working online: “On the other hand, flexible work organization has hampered the flow of information and cooperation in organizations.”

Additionally, Kadri Seeder, head of the Salary Information Agency, added that assessing the efficacy of some of these issues could run into privacy issue.

She said: “It is quite difficult for an employer to assess the work environment at home without infringing on the employee’s privacy,”

“It is certainly important that employees know and also follow the rules of occupational safety, but in a home environment, the responsibility could be shared between the employer and the employee. In the case of teleworking, it would be sensible to give employees greater independence and responsibility in organizing their working time and place, which is unfortunately not possible with the current work relations framework,” Seeder continued, according to BNS.

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