Survey: Families in Tallinn need €1,063 minimum income each month

A family of four in Tallinn needs a minimum income of €1,063 a month to sustain itself, which is more than in Riga or in Vilnius, a survey by the Swedbank Institute for Finances found.

Of the Baltic capitals, families living in Tallinn have the highest incomes and more money left over after paying mandatory expenses.

An analysis based on household models showed the monthly costs for food, housing and public transport for a family of two adults and two underage children living in an apartment of 70 square meters total €1,063 in Tallinn, which equals 37 percent of the family’s income. The corresponding costs for a family living in Riga total €950 per month, which equals 47 percent of the family’s income, while for a family living in Vilnius they total €954, accounting for 43 percent of the income.

“Of the Baltic capitals, the most expensive place to live is Tallinn, whereas also the income of a family living in Tallinn is higher than that of its southern neighbors. Together with child benefits, the average net income of a family of four in Tallinn is €2,897, in Riga €2,020 and in Vilnius €2,207,” Mari-Liis Jääger, head of Swedbank’s Institute for Finances, said.

Jääger said families living in Riga and Vilnius have lower incomes as well as monthly expenses than families living in Tallinn. Since the incomes of families living in Tallinn are higher, they have the most money left over after paying mandatory costs, she added.

The food basket recommended by nutritionists for a family of four is the most expensive in Tallinn, costing €536 and accounting for 18 percent of the family’s income. The food basket is cheapest in Vilnius, where a family of four spends on it €442, or 20 percent of their income. In Riga, families spend €483 per month, or 24 percent of their income, on the recommended food basket.

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