Survey: Every third person planning to travel in six months’ time

According to the April survey of the shipping company DFDS, the interest of Estonian people in travel is growing, and every third respondent plans to travel in half a year.

“In today’s world, the coronavirus crisis is likely the most important aspect influencing the possibility of traveling as well as people’s travel interests and preferences. However, now that more and more people in many countries have been vaccinated and travel restrictions have been reduced, this is likely to make people more optimistic about travel,” Merje Vari, Estonian marketing specialist of the shipping company DFDS said.

The results show Estonian’s interest in travel has grown every month since the beginning of the year, and one in 10 people already considers it safe to travel. “Perceptions of security also encourage people to make travel plans, and almost 30 percent of Estonians plan to travel in half a year,” Vari said.

Those who do not plan to travel abroad in the near future cite travel restrictions or quarantine and the fear of being infected with the coronavirus as the main reasons.

She said the pandemic has also affected the way Estonian people book their trips: compared to the time before the coronavirus crisis, approximately two out of three people plan to book their trips closer to the trip itself and a quarter at the last minute.

There have also been changes in the way people travel. “People plan to use more such modes of transport with a smaller number of people present at the same time,” Vari said, adding that compared to the time before the coronavirus crisis, 30 percent of people are more likely to travel abroad by car.

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