Supreme Court: Developing wind energy in significant public interest

The Supreme Court of Estonia has ruled that wind-farm developing is of significant public interest, and that arguments that existing activities in an area planned for a renewable energy site, such as peat-cutting, do not mean that a wind-farm project should be off the table.

In the ruling Wednesday, the court found also that state institutions and municipalities must both make viable the relevant planning and establishment of a wind-farm.

Planning applications and other issues have miredat least one major private sector proposed wind farm developmentin delays in recent years

The ruling comes off the back of a decision concerning a plot in Pärnu County which local authorities deemed suitable for a potential wind-farm, but which is utilized in peat extraction processes.

Court: Peat cutting can coexist with wind turbine erection

The Supreme Court said there is significant public interest in both the production of wind energy and the depletion of the peat land already under exploitation.

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